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Healing Hydration Injection's

Want a quick, efficient boost? Try one of our powerful vitamin injections or a take home pack. These instant pick-me-ups show effective results in restoring energy, helping with immunity, and heal mental and physical exhaustion from stress!



Used for various health and wellness applications like boosting red blood cell production, and helping to regulate sleep, mood, and appetite cycles.  Best used 1x per week to decrease fatigue and for maintenance of overall wellness and health. 

Brain Boost


This injection promotes focus, brain health, and energy. Have a big project at work? College exams? Come get an energy injection instead of that pack of energy drinks!



Glutathione is the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system.  Recommended 2x per week for 4 to 6 weeks, then 1x per week for maintenance of overall wellness and health. Glutathione is a great addition to your IV as well. 

Mega Burn


Combines complex vitamins for boosting your immune system and helping burn fat from inside your cells. Best if used every 72 hours for 6-8 weeks while dieting and exercising, then 1x per week for maintenance of overall wellness and health. 



Regenerate red bloods, detox liver, anti-aging, increased energy, increases metabolism, improves mood, aids in weight management, healthy brain function.


 See Pricing Chart  

Helps with weight management. Improves blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Can help treat PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).


   * Pricing per week / per shot *

Week:        Dose:                        Price:

1 - 4            0.10-0.20 units        $30

4 - 8           0.30-0.40 units      $60

8 - 12          0.50-0.60 units      $90

12 - 16         0.70-0.80 units      $120

16 - 20        0.90-1.00 units       $150


 See Pricing Chart

Helps with weight management and improving blood sugar levels.


    * Pricing per week / per shot *

Week:        Dose:                          Price:

1 - 4            15 units / 2.5 mg      $44

4 - 8           30 units / 5 mg        $85

8 - 12          45 units / 7.5 mg      $130

12 - 16         60 units / 10 mg        $175

16 - 20        75 units / 12.5 mg     $220

20 - 24       90 units / 15 mg        $280



Zofran is a fast acting, non-sedating powerful anti-nausea medication. 

Recommended as needed. Zofran is a great addition to your IV as well.

Oxygen Therapy $10




Biotin is one of the keys to having strong and healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

Add this to any drip!

Glow Up


Packed with crucial ingredients to control carbs, fat, and protein metabolism. Provides energy and appetite stabilization.  Also enhances Hair, Skin, and Nail growth.



Speeds up metabolism, burns fat, and increased energy.



A power-packed immunity blend that is the ultimate immune system enhancer.  Works best 1x per week for immune maintenance and 2-3x a week if you feel a cold or flu coming on to boost that immune system and keep you healthy.

Performance Recovery


Designed for all athletes at any stage of training. Get a kickstart for both metabolism and muscle recovery. Best if administered before your training session!



Supports metabolism, decreased inflammation, fights brain fog.

Toradol (Only Available IV Push)


Toradol is a non-narcotic anti-inflammatory for relief of headaches, body aches, and joint infllmation associated with every day life. Toradol is a great addition to your IV as well.

Vitamin D (IM only)


Boosts mood, decreased fatigue, strengthens immune system.

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